Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Thank you Slinger Safety Crew!!

Slinger Super Speedway
7/31/11 - Dennis Prunty drove the Wiedmeyer Express #22 this past Sunday night at Slinger Super Speedway.  Set Fast Time and was battling at the front of the pack when flames errupted on the #22 from a power steering line that blew.  Dennis quickly pulled into the infield where the Slinger Safefty Crew had the fire out in seconds and Dennis was able to escape the burning #22. 

Out of all the tracks I have raced at, I think it is safe to say that Slinger Super Speedway has the best safety crew. Thanks guys!   -Dennis Prunty

From SlingerSuperSpeedway.com:
Lepak quickly worked his way around Prunty and into fourth. Meanwhile, Lowell Bennett ducked underneath Apel, which paved the way for Lepak and Prunty to get by as well.
Three laps later Apel would pull off the track, once again being victimized by power steering issues.
Apel’s misfortunes gave second place to Bennett, however, just seven laps later, Lepak and Prunty would both get past Bennett, as the high side was proving once again to be too slick to hold onto.
Lepak quickly ran down Reynolds Jr. and got by him on lap 20. Lepak would stretch his lead to about three car lengths, as the field began to string out.
Over the course of the next twenty five laps it was status quo up front, but Bennett was beginning to put the pressure on Prunty once Bennett found his way back to the bottom groove.
Bennett would use the chrome horn on Prunty for a few laps, when suddenly Prunty’s car erupted in a fire under the hood of the car on lap 45. A power steering line broke and leaked fluid which quickly caught fire. Prunty was able to dive to the infield on the backstretch to the aid of the Slinger Safety Crew who quickly extinguished the flames.