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Special Thanks to everyone that helped out, supported us and made the trip to Florida for the Snowball Derby.  We couldn't have made this trip without you!

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                            Help us win the "BEST APPEARING CAR" at the 2012 Snowball Derby!
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Thank You to all that showed their support by sponsoring the #42 for the Snowball Derby!

You can see my Snowball Derby information by clicking on this link.

This week's events and show schedule, which begin Tuesday, Nov. 27th can be found at:

Hope all of my fans can listen in to the live radio broadcast of the race, on,
Sunday afternoon, December 2nd.

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Your Opportunity to Sponsor the #42 Super Late Model!!

November 26th Dennis is leaving to take the #42
to the Snowball Derby in Pensacola Florida and is looking for your support!!  $100 or more will get your name on the car. Tires cost about $160 each and we need 30 of them so anyone willing to help will be appreciated. Rob Braun has done the math and says all it would take is $10 from each of my friends.
It's not to late to show your support!  TD Graphics is willing to make more names Monday morning, so if you'd like your name on my car, please support us by going to PayPal below.
Thanks DDP

**Note quantities can be changed when going through the Paypal checkout, for example if you would like to give $200 choose a quantity of 2 when selecting the $100 option or $150 would be a quantity of 3 of the $50 option.**

Sponsor #42 Dennis Prunty

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We couldn't have had a winning season without our Sponsors, Crew, Family, Friends and Fans. 
Please patronize the following Sponsors, and thank them for helping us win 2 Championships this year

Wiedmeyer Express                 Golden Chicken-Kewaskum,                        Pro-Petroleum Truck Service

B & B Racing Engines              The Feed Mill Bar & Grill-Knowles                West Bend Dyno Tuning, LLC

Uncle Sam's Fireworks              Rock River Excavators                                Auto Body Dynamics

Don's Radiator Service               Schaeffer's Oil                                           Serenity Now Day Spa

TD Graphics                              Kluhsman Racing Components                   Five Star Bodies

                                                Behling Racing Equipment

Thank you ALL for your support! 

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For information about our 2012 Race Results, please visit the pages to the right.

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September Showdown Results September 22, 2012

Thank you to everyone who came to the Dells Raceway for the September Showdown. 
The 42 team had a good night.  
We won the Heat race, after qualifiing 8th & starting 5th. 
Started 6th in the Showdown race,  finishing 3rd. 
Started the 150 lap feature 2nd, leading the race for approx. 65 laps, finishing 2nd. 

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September Showdown in the Dells, Saturday, September 22

Come on out to The Dells Raceway Park this Saturday, September 22, 2012 to watch Dennis races in
See times for Saturday below.  Click Here for More info

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Driver's Meeting Live Radio Show Highlights

September 12, 2012 Dennis was interviewed about his racing season and back to back Super Late Model Championships at The Dells Raceway Park and Slinger Super Speedway, on September 8 & 9th at The Driver's Meeting Radio Show, live, at the Mineshaft Restaurant in Hartford.  This Radio show is put on by WBWI 92.5 FM and sponsored by Uptown Motor Cars Collision Center, in Slinger. 
Call Mark for your collision repair needs at 262-644-8300
Click Here to see the video of Dennis thanking his Sponsors, live on the air.

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Dennis on The Driver's Meeting Radio Show

JUST ANNOUNCED! This Wednesday night, September 12, Super Late Champ Dennis Prunty, will be on The Driver's Meeting radio show!  Dennis is shown below, waving to the crowd, right before the Championship race on Sunday, Sept. 9th.
Come down to the Mineshaft and show your support! 

If you can't make it to the Mineshaft, tune in from 7 to 8pm, Radio station FM92.5 WBWI, or

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Saturday, September 8th Dennis won the Championship at Dells Raceway

Sunday, September 9th, He won the Slinger Super Speedway Championship
Read Dan Margetta's article below



By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Sept. 9— Chris Blawat captured his first super late model feature victory Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway in the 80-lap season championship main event while Dennis Prunty edged Steve Apel to win the track championship by a mere ten points.
“This is our first full year in the super late models and we finally got a win, it’s awesome,” Blawat stated from victory lane after passing Dennis Prunty to lead the final 23 laps, “I tried to run as clean as possible and I had a really good run on the outside on that last restart,” “It’s really special to win it like that, passing a potential track champion for the win makes it real special.”
Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel entered the double-point day tied atop the super late model point standings and Apel gained a 20 point advantage early on by setting fast time with a lap of 11.411 seconds while Prunty failed to gain any points after qualifying eleventh. Prunty cut the deficit in half by leading 57 laps of the 80-lap feature to capture the ten point bonus for pacing the most laps before eventually finishing second while Apel charged through the field from his eleventh starting position to finish third, one position behind Prunty. A 20 point difference between the second and third positions in the feature left Prunty with his first Slinger super late model track championship by ten points over Apel.
John Reynolds and Dennis Prunty led the super late model feature field to the green flag and Prunty edged ahead to grab the lead from the outside lane while Reynolds battled with James Swan for second just ahead of Blawat, Jeff Holtz, and David Prunty. Swan overtook Reynolds for second with an outside pass and Blawat repeated the move a lap later as Reynolds began to struggle on the inside. After Holtz also went around Reynolds on the high side, Reynolds dropped to the apron with mechanical issues on lap nine as the sudden slow-down caused a minor scramble behind him that sent Mike Graczkowski’s car around in turn one to draw the caution flag. Prunty chose the inside lane for the restart and as racing resumed, Swan issued a strong challenge on Prunty for the lead from the outside. Swan kept even with Prunty for three laps with each time Prunty being able to just edge ahead slightly off turn four to barely maintain the lead at the stripe. Swan eventually began to slip in the high lane allowing Prunty to claim the lead all to his own while Blawat and Holtz took advantage of the opportunity to fill the gap on the inside to move into second and third respectively. David Prunty was the next in line to take a shot at Swan from the inside, taking the position a lap later as Swan quickly dropped to the inside lane directly ahead of Lowell Bennett. A quick tap to the rear bumper however, sent Swan right back into the outside lane and he lost another position before things settled down as he made his way back to the inside lane. With Prunty leading, championship contender Steve Apel was mired in traffic as he appeared to use patience early to methodically work his way forward one position at a time and found himself up to seventh after working his way by Dale Prunty, Mike Egan, and Brad Mueller. Apel had a minor scare on lap 35 when Dan Jung’s car kicked loose directly in front of him off turn four and skidded towards the apron as Apel and Egan drove by. Jung regained control of his car and entered turn one on the very low side in a brief three-wide situation with David Prunty and Lowell Bennett which sorted itself out as they headed down the backstretch. However as they raced down the front straightaway the following lap, Jung’s car spun into turn one after some contact with David Prunty and the caution flag waved with Dennis Prunty leading over Blawat, Holtz, Swan, and Rob Braun. Blawat once again challenged Prunty for the lead from the outside as the green flag waved but despite his efforts, Prunty maintained the lead at the stripe while Swan went to work on Holtz for third, aggressively trying to take the spot a few laps later while Braun, Mike Strupp, and Apel looked on. The battle with Holtz damaged the fender on Swan’s car which allowed Braun, Strupp, and Apel to pass him on consecutive laps as the handling on Swan’s car began to fade. With Prunty continuing to lead over Blawat, Apel began to make his move toward the front, driving up to third place by lap 57 when Eric Fransen’s car conspicuously came to a stop in turn four to produce a caution flag. This time, Blawat was able to get a strong run from the outside on the restart and he took the lead from Prunty as the championship contenders battled for the second position. Blawat pulled away over the final laps as Prunty, Apel, and Braun raced intensely for second with Prunty eventually keeping the spot with Apel close behind him. Blawat drove to his first career super late model feature win as Prunty finished second, one spot ahead of Apel which was enough to claim the track championship. Rob Braun and Jeff Holtz were fourth and fifth respectively while Mike Egan finished sixth. Brad Mueller, James Swan, and Mike Strupp rounded out the top ten finishers.
                                                                         Great Year for the Prunty's
                 Dennis's nephew Alex Prunty won his first Late Model Championship at Slinger Speedway
                                                                             Congratulations Alex!


Dells Raceway Tundra Champion!!

                          Dennis WON the Championship at the Dells Speedway last night! 

WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis. (September 9, 2012) - When Dennis Prunty started the Advanced Engine Concepts 80-lap feature event Saturday Night for TUNDRA Super Late Model Series Round Five he knew there was only so much he could control. Prunty took care of his business; fate took care of the rest.
The veteran from Knowles, Wis. claimed his first ever Super Late Model title at DRP by seizing control of the feature on lap 21 and holding off a hungry Steve Rubeck in heavy lapped traffic for the win.
Prunty entered the night three points back of Dalton Zehr. After Zehr gained four more points in qualifying, the deficit was seven heading into the main. However, with an invert of 13, Prunty was given a favorable starting spot inside row three.
"After qualifying I figured I didn't have much of a chance unless (Rich Bickle) and (Zehr) had a bad night," Prunty said. "I knew all I could do was just win the race, and the rest was out of my hands. It happened to work out for me."
Both Zehr and Bickle suffered off nights leaving Prunty with a five point advantage over Zehr in the final TUNDRA standings.
Working his way through the field early, Prunty showed every indication of a man on a mission. Prunty started alongside Dan Lensing, who later in the evening went on to claim the DRP Late Model title. Lensing and Prunty waited for front row starters Josh Wallace and Steve Rubeck to sort out before they both attacked the outside line.
On lap four Lensing jumped to the top to take second from Wallace and carried on past Rubeck to the top spot one lap later. Mimicking the move Prunty jumped to the outside of Wallace on lap four and cruised past Rubeck on the next circuit.
Lensing's healthy advantage began to wither as Prunty caught him within three laps of taking second. Just as he was prepared to challenge Lensing, Prunty's advances were cut off by a caution when Ross Zumbach spun in turn two on lap eleven.
The restart was short-lived as Mike Egan was sent spinning through the grass right at the outset. When the line up sorted out Michael Bilderback had made a strong move. On the cone Bilderback hopped to the outside line and claimed a spot in the top five.
The field quickly sorted back into single file and drivers started to plot their moves. With Prunty running in the second spot, all eyes were on Dalton Zehr. Needing only a top ten finish, Zehr had exercised patience in the past. He was in familiar territory deep in traffic in the early going.
However, the DRP outside wall claimed Zehr's title chances victim on lap fifteen when he tagged the front stretch wall. Zehr started to fall back through the field with obvious damage to his right front. He nursed his machine to a 12th place finish.
Zehr's hard luck was not the only bad-for-him-good-for-me situation Prunty would encounter on this fateful evening. Trailing Lensing closely for ten laps after the restart Prunty had again closed the gap and was ready to strike for the lead. Just as he closed in Lensing lost control and spun out exiting turn four. Lensing spun to the infield, kept his machine fired, and kept rolling which allowed the green flag to stay out.
The situation was a near-miss in many ways for Prunty.
"I was about a car length behind him and I'm not sure what happened. I saw him start to get sideways and I thought, 'should I go inside or outside,'" I'm glad I went to the outside," he said of the potential contact.
However, he wasn't sure if he was out of the woods. "I was thinking to myself, 'I hope they don't think I did that,' because I was nowhere near him. It was cool that it stayed green. I feel bad for him, but it was good for me."
With Prunty in the lead, and Zehr starting to fade, attention then turned to Bickle who had the opportunity to close in on Prunty with passing points. Bickle started his move on lap 29 as he started to work the outside and creep toward the top ten. The run was disrupted when Bickle started to fade backward in what looked to be a means to conserve equipment.
Falling just back outside of the top ten Bickle was caught by Corey Jankowski. With a little bad blood still spilling over from a previous TUNDRA event, Jankowski and Bickle connected out of turn four, resulting in Jankowski going airborne over the left rear of Bickle. Jankowski retired with damage to his machine and Bickle was forced to change a flat left rear.
On the lap 36 restart Prunty broke away from Rubeck and Bilderback. Stretching out his lead, spots in the top five seemed secure until the final ten circuits.
As Rubeck started to reel in Prunty slightly for the top spot, James Swan closed the gap on Bilderback for third. Coming off a second-place finish in TUNDRA Round Four, Swan jousted with Bilderback over the final ten circuits for the final podium spot. Behind them, Terry Schoppenhorst and fast qualifier Bobby Kendall closed the gap.
While the stunning side-by-side display between Swan and Bilderback raged on, Rubeck crept in on Prunty. With just seven laps remaining, Prunty had some difficulty with lapped traffic and Rubeck had closed to a car length.
"The first car I caught up to stayed high," Prunty said of the lapped traffic. "The next car didn't want to go a lap down. It was a fight and Rubeck was behind me, but when I cleared thankfully there were only three laps to go."
Over the final three trips, Prunty stretched out his advantage. With both Zehr and Bickle outside the top ten, Prunty cruised to putting an exclamation point on his first title. Rubeck, who had struggled mightily, was pleased to have luck on his side with a second-place finish. Swan beat Bilderback to the line by a nose to claim third and Schoppenhorst rounded out the top five.
In victory lane Prunty took the microphone to begin thanking all of those involved in his first ever title run. To claim his second Super Late Title, Prunty needed less than 24 hours. On Sunday afternoon Prunty claimed a 10-point victory for his first title at Slinger Speedway.
"This Championship means a lot to me," Prunty said of his TUNDRA title Saturday. "I can't wait to see what we (TUNDRA) do next year. I'd like to see if we get some other tracks involved, or if we just do this again. It was awesome."

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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Traveling to Dells Raceway Park this Saturday, Sept. 8, 2012.  
Only 3 points out of the lead for the Tundra Championship!  
Hoping to get a large group of fans and friends to come up to the Dells to cheer us on!
Fan Gates Open: 4PM, Qualifying: 5:15 • Racing: 7 p.m.
 Special Event Pricing
Adult (16 and older) $15, Seniors: $13, Student (ages 10-15) $10, Kids ages 6-9 $5.00, 
Ages 5 and under free
Click Here for more info and directions to Dells Raceway Park

Dells Raceway Park, Wisconsin Dells!

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Sunday, September 2, 2012

                        Another bad night for the DDP Racing Team, after more than one wreck.
                  Hopefully she'll be better than new for next week's Championship Race at Slinger.
                Click Here to see the video of the wreck at lap 18.  The crash happens at 19 seconds.

Qualified 8th, Started the SLM Feature 5th

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Memorial Go-Kart Event!

        Memorial Go-kart event Saturday, September 1, 2012.  Gwen and Zach Prunty will be racing.

Pits open at 1pm, Racing at 4pm
Slinger Super Speedway

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Slinger Race, Sunday, Aug. 26, 2012 canceled

Slinger Super Speedway has decided to cancel the Sunday, August 26, 2012 race, due to rain in the area.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Saturday, August 25, 2012 Dells Raceway Tundra 4

              Dennis was fast qualifier, started 8th, and finished 4th at DRP for TUNDRA 4
       2nd in the points race, Dennis is only 3 points out of the lead at DRP, with one race left.



WISCONSIN DELLS, Wis (August 25, 2012) - When the going gets tough, Dalton Zehr gets going. Zehr and pole-sitter John Zimmerman were the only two drivers not involved in a caution in TUNDRA Round Four Saturday at Dells Raceway Park. In the end they were the only two to lead laps in the Advanced Engine Concepts 80.
After the fifth caution on lap 26 claimed drivers from second on back, Zehr emerged for a single file restart in the second spot. Although he challenged at the drop of the green Zehr had to bide his time until he was able to take the lead on lap 50 and pocket his second straight TUNDRA win.
"Zimmerman was tough to pass," Zehr explained. "Originally I thought it was going to be a breeze because he was giving such a wide lane out there, but when I got out there, it tightened up."
Grabbing the lead from Mike Egan, the former track champion enjoyed one of his strongest runs since returning to DRP last season. Zimmerman broke away slightly to leave the field to battle until the first caution fell for Steve Lichtfeld on lap four.
From his third-place spot on lap four, Bobby Kendall picked the outside line for the restart and immediately challenged Zimmerman. Kendall found out early what Zehr would learn later - Zimmerman was ready to repel those who tested the top line. Kendall held the outside line for nearly ten laps until another caution fell on lap 14 for a Terry Schoppenhorst spin.
Although he looked strong on the outside before the caution, the temptation of selecting the bottom line was too much for Kendall to pass up. Leaving the outside lane vacated allowed Dennis Prunty to slide to the top line for a restart in the third position. Behind Prunty was Rich Bickle, who was developing a history with the TUNDRA Round Two winner.
The field sorted out at the drop of the green allowing Kendall to keep the second spot behind Zimmerman. As he closed in to challenge, attention turned toward Bickle and Prunty who started jousting back and fourth for the third spot.
Just as Kendall approached Zimmerman for another challenge, James Swan made contact with Mike Egan while racing for fifth. Swan gave Egan his spot back, but had not made his final appearance near the front of the field.
The caution also claimed Landry Potter and Dan Lensing. As Lensing tried to avoid, he caught the hood of Potter's machine and went airborne. Lensing continued but brought out another caution just three laps later on lap 25 when his right rear tire failed and he hit the front stretch wall.
Behind Zimmerman frustration was poised to boil over. After racing in close vicinity through the first 25 laps Bickle and Prunty scrapped for second in a furious manner. Prunty worked the outside with very little room for error. After making contact on several occasions over the lap, Prunty came out with second. However, Bickle tapped the back bumper of Prunty enterting turn three. Unable to save his machine Prunty spun in front of the field out of four, brining the remaining drivers to a screeching halt.
The wreck was worst for Terry Schoppenhorst who was right behind the battle. He sustained major damage and could not continue. Although Zehr wasn't damaged, he wasn't immune to the melee in front of him.
"It was a big pileup in turn four there," Zehr said. "We were lucky to be one of the ones who got hit in the back not in the front and didn't have the radiator taken out."
Only eight cars paced around DRP during the caution laps while others made repairs or were done for the remainder of the event. Even Bickle and Prunty, who were both able to continue, were able to restart in the top ten.
After the restart Zehr challenged, but was turned back by Zimmerman by lap 32. While the top two broke away, the line of Swan, Bickle and Prunty moved back toward the top five. After moving around Kenny Reiser for third, Swan, making his Super Late Model debut at DRP, closed the gap on Zehr.
Seeing his rear view mirror fill with a baby blue nose, Zehr decided it was time to roll the dice.
"Eventually (Swan) caught up to us and it was go time," Zehr said. "I jumped to the outside and if I wouldn't have made that pass, I probably would have ended up tenth. It worked out though, we were able to make the pass and build up a lead."
Swan followed to the second spot just two laps later and seemed as though he might have had something for Zehr. Although Zehr proved to have the superior machine, Swan again forced Zehr to alter his plans.
"Swan broke free and it was time to put the hammer down," Zehr said. He also discussed some handling conditions with Swan after the race completed. "He started losing the front end of his car before I started losing the back end on mine. If I lost mine five laps earlier, it might have been different."
Without incident over the final 25 circuits, Bickle followed Swan to third and Prunty rounded out the top four. Ken Reiser passed Zimmerman in the final laps to complete the top five.
In similar position to his wins in the Alive For Five Super Late Model Series last season, Zehr had seen these scenarios before - just as he referred to in an article leading up to TUNDRA Round Four. He said the roughest race in the Midwest is like every race in Florida. With rain looming Zehr might have felt like he was in the Sunshine State again.
"We kept taking the outside on the restarts with all the cautions," Zehr said. "Every time we picked the outside we would go forward a position, but we would go to back and it wouldn't stay green long enough for us to move back up. It all panned out in the very end."
Most importantly for Zehr, however, was his ability to capture the point lead. Zehr embraced starting behind the invert in Round Four and said he looks forward to it again in the fifth and final round as he tries to lock up his first career championship
"We were really chasing points tonight and early in the race it didn't look so good," Zehr said. "We did everything we could do to put ourselves in contention."
The fireworks between Bickle and Prunty crept into Victory Lane. Bickle explained why he and Prunty got so physical early in the race even though both seemed to put it behind them over the second half of the race. Bickle's confession was met by a boisterous mixed-reaction, inciting the crowd of Prunty faithful to serenade him with boos as others cheered.
With a point battle that features Zehr holding a three point lead over Prunty and eight point lead over Bickle, the fireworks and emotions have seemingly only just begun and will most certainly boil up over the next two weeks.
TUNDRA Rounds out the 2012 season Saturday, Sept. 8 at Dells Raceway Park. Champions will be crowned in all five divisions.
Dells Raceway Park is located at N1070 Smith Road, five minutes north of downtown Wisconsin Dells, Wis., off highway 12-16. For more information including the latest news, the 2012 schedule and more visit

                                                       Dells Raceway Park
                                                        N1070 Smith Road
                                                   Wisconsin Dells, WI 53965
                                                Phone: 608-253-RACE (7223)

                                             Race Day Times - Saturday Night
                                         Pit Gates Open: 1:30 • Fan Gates Open: 4
                                                Qualifying: 5:15 • Racing: 7 p.m.

                                                     Special Event Pricing
Adult (16 and older) $15, Seniors: $13, Student (ages 10-15) $10, Kids age 6-9 $5, Age 5 and under free

                              For more info about Dells Raceway park, click here

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

                           Another bad night for the DDP Racing Team at Slinger Super Speedway.

On lap 18 of the Super Late Model Feature race, Dave McCardle and Rob Braun go around in turn 2, which causes a small pile up, where the front of Dennis' car was damaged. Dennis finished 7th.
                                                    Will he race next week? Stay tuned!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dennis Gives his August 12th, 2012 Super Late Model winning Trophy to a young fan!


SLM Feature Winner Dennis Prunty with Daughter Gwen
Photo courtesy of Speed Graphics

                                  SLM Feature Winner Dennis Prunty with Daughter Gwen

                     Click here to visit Speed Graphics website and see more Slinger race photos

Article By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., Aug 12—A week after finding themselves wrecked against the first turn wall, Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel fought for the victory in the 50-lap super late model main event Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway, with Prunty edging Apel at the stripe for his fifth feature victory of the season.
“My guys worked their ass off all week in the shop putting this thing back together and I’ve got to thank everyone of them,” Prunty stated from victory lane as both drivers spent the last week making major repairs to their cars.
“We just got stuck in traffic a little bit, “Apel explained following his close second place finish, “We had the fastest car on the track but just couldn’t come home with the victory.”
SLM FT Steve ApelMike Borchardt Jr. and Nick Wagner paced the field to the green and the inside lane advanced early with Borchardt taking the lead and bringing Chris Blawat and Jeff Holtz with him while Dennis Prunty and Steve Apel also used the inside to race into fourth and fifth respectively. Blawat took to the high lane and pulled even with Borchardt in a bid for the lead and both drivers raced door to door until Blawat prevailed on lap four. Behind the top two, Prunty tried an outside move for third on Holtz off turn two but had his lane cut off in the process before muscling his way into third with an inside move in turn three a lap later. Before Holtz could recover, both Apel and Lowell Bennett raced past and into fourth and fifth as Prunty went to work on Borchardt for second.
LM Dash Winner Danny ChurchThe yellow flag waved on lap 7 when a traffic jam deeper in the field left the cars of Mike Graczkowski and Nick Wagner in a tangle in turn four. Blawat used the inside groove for the restart which proved beneficial as he quickly charged to the lead as racing resumed while Borchardt struggled in the outer groove as Prunty, Holtz, and Apel all raced by. In the meantime, Prunty caught Blawat out front and wasted little time in moving to the high lane, drawing even for the lead by lap 13. Prunty and Blawat raced side by side for the lead with Prunty gradually able to ease ahead slightly off the corners until finally clearing Blawat for the lead on lap 16. Behind Prunty and Blawat, Apel and Bennett took to the outside groove to race around Holtz for third and fourth while Mike Egan and Rob Braun battled for sixth directly behind them.
SLM Dash Winner Conrad MorganThe caution waved again on lap 22 for Tom Hromadka’s stalled car in turn four and Prunty curiously chose the outside lane for the restart, leaving Blawat the preferred bottom lane, perhaps in an effort to keep the faster Apel from lining up behind him. The strategy nearly failed as on the restart, Blawat raced extremely tough on the inside and both he and Prunty circled the speedway door to door for several laps before again Prunty was able to gradually clear Blawat for the lead entering turn three. Once out front, Prunty was able to briefly extend his lead as Apel worked to pass Blawat for second, taking the position a few laps later using the outside lane. Prunty’s car appeared to begin to slip slightly off the turns and that combined with approaching lapped traffic, enabled Apel to close the distance between him and the leader as the laps wound down.
MWS Dash Winner Brian HolzApel was on Prunty’s bumper as they took the white flag and had a slight opening on the inside off turn two, but wisely chose not to force the issue and elected to make another charge off turn four. Apel’s final charge came up just short as Prunty took the checkered flag for the win with Apel glued to his rear bumper. Chris Blawat completed one of his better runs of the season with a strong third place finish while Mike Egan held off Jeff Holtz for the fourth spot, leaving Holtz to settle for fifth. Rob Braun took the checkered flag in sixth place ahead of Jake Vanoskey and Curt Tillman in seventh and eighth respectively. Nick Wagner and Fred Winn rounded out the top ten finishers.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Not a good night for DDP...The night started out good, Dennis qualified 2nd, started 7th, was working his way up, got up to 4th, then as they passed lap 18 Steve Apel got loose and took Dennis out in turn 1, pushing them both up into the wall between turns 1 and  2, then Dennis' car had an exhaust fire. Accident or Intentional?  Watch the video and you decide.  Click here to see Dan Margetta's video of the crash

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sunday, July 29, 2012

                                                  PEPSI CHALLENGE ROUND 2.
Dennis did a Black Flag Memorial lap in memory of Paul Posnanzki, who worked for Pepsi.
Paul was a fan of Slinger Speedway and Dennis Prunty.
Dennis started the Pepsi Challenge, round 2, in the 4th position, and finished 4th. See story below.

Written By: Gregg Paul
Steve Apel has had a challenging season at the Slinger Super Speedway in 2012. The challenges of gambling on different setups. The challenges of dealing with adversity. The challenges of worrying about his father’s illness. As well as the challenge of proposing to his long time girlfriend.
Each and every time Apel has survived those challenges and thrived on it. Not only did he take each challenge head on, he took the checkered flag in the Pepsi Challenge 60.
When things are going well it looks easy and when they are not it’s been a struggle. Apel’s answer to that is just as straightforward as his driving.
“Just trying stuff,” said Apel. “You gotta try stuff to stay ahead and we tried a new set up at the beginning of this year and we did good. Then everyone started catching back up to us. We keep trying stuff to make sure because everybody is going to get faster.”
Gregg Pawelski and Mike Graczkowski led the field to the green flag with Graczkowski getting the early jump. The inside line took off before the outside as Mike Egan and Al Schill quickly got around Pawelski. A little further back Lowell Bennett and Steve Apel began to work their way towards the front.
Graczkowski quickly stretched his lead to a half a straightaway as behind him cars ran side by side. Lowell Bennett worked his way past Egan and Schill on the outside, and paved the way for Apel to follow.
By lap 14, Bennett and Apel worked into second and third place respectively and started to run down Graczkowski. Six laps later Bennett ducked to the inside of Graczkowski to take the lead with Apel glued to his rear bumper. The duo began to put some distance between them and Graczkowski, as he was now doing battle with Egan for the third spot.
Bennett and Apel were a half straightaway ahead of that third place battle, and Apel began to mount his charge. Apel would get to Bennett’s inside and run alongside for a lap before clearing him for the lead off of turn two on lap 27.
Once Apel took the lead he took off and left Bennett in his wake. Until lapped traffic played a role that is. Apel came up on the lapped cars of Curt Tillman and Jake Vanoskey as those two battled side by side in front of the leaders. Apel caught a break when the lapped cars got back single file, but Bennett wasn’t as fortunate. Bennett caught them in turn one, and lost a ton of momentum trying to get around.
That allowed Apel to open up his lead once again. While Apel pulled away, the best battle on the track was for the third spot between Mike Egan and Dennis Prunty. Egan and Prunty didn’t seem to fare any better with the lapped traffic, and continued to lose ground to the leaders.
Apel was seemingly on cruise control as the laps were winding down, yet Bennett was closing the gap considerably. The race was almost slowed for a caution when Jake Vanoskey spun off of turn two on lap 42. However, Vanoskey spun harmlessly into the infield and the race remained under green.
Apel was again hampered by lapped traffic and Bennett capitalized and got back to within striking distance. However it was clear that Apel had a stronger car coming off the corners and reclaimed the advantage he had lost as Bennett was closing.
The laps wound down quickly as the race stayed green the entire distance, as Apel took the twin checkers a mere 1.32 seconds ahead of Bennett. Mike Egan held off the challenge of Dennis Prunty to wind up in third, while Conrad Morgan rounded out the top five.
For Apel it was a rewarding win considering all the challenges he has faced this season.
“When you try stuff it can go either way,” said Apel. “It can go good like tonight or it can go really bad like a couple times before. It also depends on how good of a break you get with which way Lowell goes, who’s in front of you, who’s harder to pass than some guys, and when you burn up your tires and when you don’t.”
Lowell Bennett may have burned up his tires more than Apel, but always gave it everything he had.
“It was just the best we had,” said Bennett. “That 16 car is mighty good and we just didn’t have it for him. We’ll come back next week and try even harder. We just keep on trying. You know we’re having fun.”
Yet has it been a disappointing year at Slinger?
“We got wrecked really hard earlier and this crew has been working their tails off between this car and the Kaukauna car, we’re leading the points up there but I am confident we’ll get a win for this car yet.”

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

If you weren't able to make it to Slinger on Sunday, you missed it.  Dennis brought his Slamfest Bus out on the track, to entertain!  

                                    Dennis qualified 5th, started 10th in the Feature and finished 6th.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Dells Raceway Park Results for July 21, 2012

The results are in... Dennis qualified 13th and started 13th.  Was spun out at one point and had to go to the rear.  Working his way through the pack, Dennis finished 6th, two cars behind his brother, Dale, who finished 4th.


Monday, July 16, 2012


Photo by Speed Graphics

By Dan Margetta
Slinger, Wis., July 15—Dennis Prunty survived a torrid battle with Steve Apel and then held off Jeff Holtz to capture his fourth super late model feature victory of the season in the YP.Com Yellow Pages 50 Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway.

Rob Braun and Jeff Holtz paced the field to the green flag with Holtz getting the jump from the outside lane to pace the early laps as the caution flag quickly waved on lap three for debris on the racetrack. Holtz chose the inside line for the restart and immediately charged to the front as Braun struggled on the outside, allowing Dennis Prunty to slip underneath him for second. Conrad Morgan and Steve Apel also made their way around Braun on the inside as up front, Prunty began to pressure Holtz for the lead by using the high lane to pull alongside.
Click Here to see the Video of the last 4 laps

Dennis & Kate?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Sunday, July 15, 2012 Race

Come on out to Slinger Super Speedway this Sunday night to watch Dennis battle to win the YP.Com SLM Feature! Gates open at 4pm. Time Trials at 4:45pm. Racing at 6:30pm.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

2012 Speed Cards

                                2012 Speed Cards from Speed Graphics Company have arrived!!
Stop by to see Dennis in the pits after the races to get yours...


By Dan Margetta - Slinger, Wis., June 3—With the leaders navigating their way through lapped traffic, Dennis Prunty held off Al Schill and Steve Apel to capture the victory in the Ewald Automotive 50 Sunday night at the Slinger Super Speedway, scoring his second super late model feature triumph of the season.

“I kept looking in the mirror and then was thinking ‘don’t look in the mirror…don’t look in the mirror’ because Al (Schill) was coming,” Prunty told the crowd from victory lane as a slight mist began to fall, “So far between everywhere I’ve raced this year we’ve got four wins and two seconds. My daughter put on the big carburetor this week and we’re going to go for it.”

“Me and Dennis (Prunty) were really going at it,” Schill said after his second place result, “The rain that began to fall was messing me up a bit and the tires got hot, but a driver always has to have an excuse I guess, so that’s mine.”

“It’s hard to pass twelve cars in fifty laps, “ Apel stated after charging from deep in the field to finish a close third, “I wish the race was longer because the car was really good.” 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Serenity Now Salon & Spa

The DDP Team welcomes
Serenity Now Salon & Day Spa
for the 2012 Season!

Serenity Now Salon and Day Spa is the perfect way to treat your Mother this Mother's day.  Treat her with a gift certificate to help her relax, de-stress and rejuvenate!  Their professional staff at Serenity Now offers a wide variety of services from Massage Therapy, Skin Care, Salon Services and Nail Care.

Stop by today to pick up your gift certificate and be sure to 
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Serenity Now Salon & Spa 1183 East Commerce Blvd- Corner of Hwy. 60 & Hwy. 164
Located at the Seven Hills Center in Slinger, WI 53086

262-644-7100  |  Follow on Facebook  |

May Specials
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$69.99 Shellac Manicure & Spa Pedicure Package
$49.99 Coconut Glow & Air Brush Tan
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Monday, May 7, 2012

DDP Welcomes the Golden Chicken

DDP Motorsports welcomes the
Golden Chicken for the 2012 racing season!

Check out their BIG Menu!  Call for pick up or delivery and let them know that Dennis Prunty sent you...

7515 Friendly Drive
Kewaskum, Wisconsin


Mondays 3:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Tuesday - Sunday   11:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m.

More info coming soon!!

Monday, April 30, 2012


Slinger, Wis., April 29, 2012—Recovering from a miscue with 20-laps remaining that sent him back to third, Dennis Prunty tracked down first Chris Blawat and then Jeff Holtz to capture the win in the season opening Miller Lite 130 super late model feature Sunday afternoon at the Slinger Super Speedway.
“I almost hit the wall twice…that’s crazy” Prunty stated from victory lane after nearly losing control of his machine in turn two late in the going, “I thought I snapped an axle and just lifted and thought ‘we’re done’.” “And about three laps later the car was still going and we came right back for it, we found a new groove and away we went, “Prunty continued describing the recovery and the way he hunted down Holtz for the lead, taking command of the race on lap 119.
“It just kept getting looser and looser, “Holtz told the crowd afterwards, somewhat disappointed with the runner-up finish after leading a majority of the event, “I was trying my damnedest and I’m surprised he (Prunty) came back and passed me like that. We had a fast car but just didn’t have any tires left there at the end… it was fun racing out there today.”
Chris Blawat turned in his best super late model performance to date, racing among the leaders early before being involved in one of the many caution flags, and then charging back through the pack to finish third. Josh Wallace and Brad Keith took the checkered flag in fourth and fifth respectively while Jake Vanoskey finished in sixth and Mike Egan was seventh ahead of Rob Braun and Race McComb in eighth and ninth. Steve Apel led the middle stages of the race before retiring from the event with three laps to go and finishing tenth.
Six drivers swapped the lead a total of eleven times and eleven caution flags slowed the pace of the event.
Dennis Prunty also won the super late model fast heat over Chris Blawat and Jeff Holtz while Jake Vanoskey was the winner of the regular super late model heat over Dan Jung and Corey Funk. Steve Apel was the fastest qualifier with a lap of 11.356 seconds.
Alex Prunty opened the 2012 season with a win in the 35-lap late model feature over Ryan DeStefano and Dan Church while Pat McIntee and Al Stippich rounded out the top five. Jerry Mueller won the late model fast dash while Braison Bennett captured the win in the late model heat race over Andy Welter and Dan Church. Alex Prunty was the fastest qualifier after turning in a lap of 12.319 seconds.

Story by Dan Margetta at

Anderson Speedway - CRA Results

Sunday, April 15th
Qualified 18th (12.516)
Started 18th / Finished 7th

>>Official Results<<

Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEXT RACE: Anderson Speedway - Indiana


Open Practice

for All Divisions


ARCA/CRA Late Models

WMDH ThunderCars

G.W. Pierce FWD Oval

Gates Open - 3:00 p.m.
Qualifying - 5:15 p.m.
Racing - 7:00 p.m.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Car Appearance: World of Wheels - February 17-19

The #42 Super Late Model will be making an appearance at the O'Reilly Auto Parts 2012 World of Wheels show.  Stop by the West Bend Dyno Tuning booth to check out the new 2012 paint scheme up close and learn about West Bend Dyno Tuning's chassis dyno services.  

DDP Motorsports t-shirts and hoodies will be for sale all weekend at the show or stop by to pick up your purchase if you purchased through the DDP Motorsports Online Store.

O'Reilly Auto Parts 2012 World of Wheels Show
February 17th-19th

Wisconsin State Fair Park

640 S 84th St
West Allis, WI 53214-1438

Thursday, January 12, 2012