Sunday, November 4, 2012

Your Opportunity to Sponsor the #42 Super Late Model!!

November 26th Dennis is leaving to take the #42
to the Snowball Derby in Pensacola Florida and is looking for your support!!  $100 or more will get your name on the car. Tires cost about $160 each and we need 30 of them so anyone willing to help will be appreciated. Rob Braun has done the math and says all it would take is $10 from each of my friends.
It's not to late to show your support!  TD Graphics is willing to make more names Monday morning, so if you'd like your name on my car, please support us by going to PayPal below.
Thanks DDP

**Note quantities can be changed when going through the Paypal checkout, for example if you would like to give $200 choose a quantity of 2 when selecting the $100 option or $150 would be a quantity of 3 of the $50 option.**

Sponsor #42 Dennis Prunty