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Prunty's Snowball Dream Melts After Pair Of Crashes
Written By Gregg Paul
Racing is not an inexpensive sport. It takes a lot of money just to run locally, let alone when you try to venture out to a premiere event and run up against the free spending top dollar higher echelon teams.
Dennis Prunty parlayed his winnings from the 2015 Slinger Nationals victory as well as sponsorship money from Anderson's Maple Syrup and several fans who ponied up cash to help make a Snowball Derby dream a reality.
Yet dreams are always fleeting. Prunty experienced that twice in one day on Friday at Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida.
Prunty was caught up in a practice crash trying to avoid another spinning car and suffered only minor cosmetic damage.
However that was only the precursor of things to come.
While trying to work on the car, the crew inadvertently forgot to move their qualifying tires and were penalized a lap in qualifying, making the already daunting task of making the show on time just that much tougher.
"Well this day has not gone as planned," lamented Prunty. "While we were fixing the car we did not have anyone move our tires and lost one lap of qualifying because of it. So no warm up lap for me. Just two green flag laps."
The damage to the car from the practice crash was insignificant, albeit time consuming.
"The car is ok, just needed a new spoiler and rear bumper," said Prunty. "Depending on how much it cools off, it's going to be hard to make the show."
The cooler temperatures make it take longer to get the tire temperatures up to optimal operating performance, which makes it doubly hard to get in a good enough qualifying lap in such a tight field.
"It's hard to make it stick on the first lap," said Prunty. "I just hope I get the tires warmed up enough on the first lap to be able to do something on the second."
Those words from Prunty would prove to be very prophetic once qualifying began. Coming to the green flag, Prunty lost control of his car and slammed the wall ending his bid to race in this year's Snowball Derby.
"Not sure what happened, but the car just snapped loose," said Prunty. "I was trying to go right away because of the lost lap. There's just too much damage to fix."
Perhaps this year's dream has melted, but hope always springs eternal. Hopefully plans are already being pondered for another run in next year's event.