Tuesday, January 26, 2016


DDP Motorsports announces Partnership 
Pathfinder Chassis

DDP Motorsports LLC will also be partnering with Pathfinder Chassis, from Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, to run a brand new 2016 Pathfinder Super Late Model Race Car for some select races during the 2016 racing season.
JJ Fabrication, Inc., the manufacturer of the Pathfinder Chassis brand of Asphalt Late Model Race Car, is headquartered at 3372 Burke Road, in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin. They also currently offer the offset (straight rail) chassis, truck chassis, and NASCAR perimeter chassis (NASCAR Touring Series legal).

This is the new Chassis built for Dennis for the 2016 season

In 2005, Pathfinder Chassis' new owners, Jason Schuler and Joe Wood, introduced an updated soft spring, big bar chassis and began building winning race cars for many of the Midwest's finest drivers, including NASCAR stars, Matt Kenseth, Tony Stewart, Scott Wimmer, Travis Kvapil and Ross Kenseth.  In addition to their complete shock service, specializing in JRI, Penske and Afco Shocks, Pathfinder Chassis also offers chassis repair and set up, quick change rear end service and maintains a complete inventory of chassis and suspension parts that can be shipped right to your front door.

Everyone at Pathfinder Chassis, Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup and DDP Motorsports are really excited about the 2016 Racing Season!
Anderson's Pure Maple Syrup will also be the Primary Sponsor on this Pathfinder/DDP Motorsports Race Car. 

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